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Findern Primary School

Nurture, Believe, Discover, Achieve

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Who's Who

We have a wonderful team of friendly staff at Findern Primary School
Leadership Team        
Headteacher Mrs P Fox   Office Manager Mrs  E Chambers
Deputy Headteacher Mrs M Hall      
      Office Staff Mrs A  Anderson
Teaching Staff       Mr S Hawkins
Mrs   R  Charlton        
Mr    M   Doyle     SENCo Mrs  A Greenway
Mrs   A  Greenway        
Mrs  M  Hall     Well-being Mentor Mrs  R Rimmer
Mrs   S  Johnson        
Mrs   E  Lawless-Jones     ICT Technician Mr  R Eales
Miss  S  Moore        
Mr     P  Norcross     Cleaning staff Mrs  M Milne
Mrs   C  Preston       Mr P Lister
Mrs   H  Smith       Miss V Reynoldson
Mrs N Game-Roe        
      Caretaker Mr P Lister
Teaching Assistants        
Mrs    J  Gregory     Cook Miss L Ruston
Mrs    L  Hussey     Kitchen Assistant Mrs J Pettifer
Mrs    J  Neild      


Mrs    P  Howe     Lunchtime Leader Mr   P Lister
Mrs   C  Taylor        
Mrs   J  Taylor     Midday Supervisors Miss V Reynoldson
Miss  D White       Mrs P Howe
Miss  L Wood       Mrs K Gregson
Mrs Y Pearson       Mrs  M Milne
Mrs B Lewins       Mrs  S Watkins
Mr A Bradley      

Mrs L Brown