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School Council

The School Council spent some time yesterday filling in the holes on the school field. This was one of the ideas from the pupils in school. With buckets,shovels and endless amounts of energy the children filled and levelled a large amount of holes. Each hole was covered in grass seed, and it is hoped that school will have a level and green field ready for next spring.

On Friday 24th November the School Council did an assembly all about democracy, parliament and our government. They researched, planned and delivered the assembly to the children from Year 1 to Year 6. The school council did an amazing job and should be very proud of themselves.

Here is the power point presentation, why not have a look

Our Election Day

Friday 22nd September was polling day at Findern Primary School for our Key Stage 2 children. Each class was voting for their school council representatives for this year. The school hall was turned into a polling station complete with polling booths and ballot boxes. Each child had their own ballot paper and marked their chosen nominees.  Elm and Fir class held their own elections to choose their class councillors.


All the 34 nominees worked hard on their election campaign trail but after some very close results the winners were announced.

This year’s School Councillors are


Willow class; Martha & Anisha

Oak class; Emma, Eliza & Sebby

Larch class; Jenson & James

Hazel class; Archie & Amelia

Fir class; Inara & Abigail

Elm class; Austin & Olivia


The council have had their first meeting, they were all very enthusiastic and full of ideas to help improve school and the wider community. One of the first projects that the school council are undertaking is to make a presentation about parliament and what democracy is. This will underpin one of the British Values that the whole school are learning about this year.