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Our Spring 1 Topic is

Frozen Planet (2022-2023)

  • English: Our class story will be Lost and Found and we will continue to experiment with exciting vocabulary to re-write a section of the story. We will be learning all about Antarctic explorers and creating our own persuasive leaflet to encourage people to join us on an Antarctic expedition.
  • Maths:  We will be exploring tens and ones and learning to add and subtract within 20.
  • PSHE: This half term we will be learning about bullying.
  • History:  In History will learn about Antarctic explorers.
  • Geography: In Geography we will be learning about the Earth's hemispheres and locating cold places in the world.
  • Science: This half term we will be learning all about the seasons with a focus on Winter. We will compare weather patterns in the UK and Antarctica. We will also be learning about animal groups and diets.
  • RE: In RE we will be learning all about how and why Christians and Muslims celebrate special and sacred times.
  • P.E:  Through yoga we will learn about mindfulness and awareness. We will begin to learn poses and techniques that will help connect mind and body. In our invasion unit, children will develop basic skills such as sending, receiving and dribbling a ball. They develop their understanding of attacking and defending and what being 'in possession' means through playing uneven and even sided games.