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This half term we will be completing baseline assessments with all children. We will spend time getting to know each child individually and working as a whole class to learn about each other. Over the first few weeks we will focus on 'all about you' where the children will celebrate their similarities and differences. They will create self portraits and say why they are special. We will play lots of getting to know you games and encourage new friendships.


We will move onto learning all about 'Bears' and looking at our question for this topic 'Are all bears scary?'. The class will look at different parts of the world and identify where bears live. They will draw their favourite bear using fact sheets and photographs. We will focus on the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' which will see the children learning actions, ordering the story and creating pictures of bears. We will discuss how the bear is shown in the story and talk about whether or not it is scary. The final story will be 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' where we will focus on the traditional story and then move onto a story from the bears point of view. The children will focus on construction and making a chair or bed for Goldilocks. They will also explore the mud kitchen to create a porridge that is just right. We will end the topic by having a teddy bears picnic.