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FPS Fundraising

Welcome to the fundraising section of our website.

Please keep an eye on our noticeboard and on this page for our events.

2021 - 2022

Our fund raising this year started well with the Halloween Disco which raised £440.32 which we put towards the cost of Literacy Boxes.

The Christmas fund raising raised £868.85 and a further £1368.77 was donated to school from the Festive Findern event held in the village. We are using the funds raised to go towards experiences for the children in the summer term.

The Valentine Disco raised £460.89 which we have also put towards the summer experiences. 

2020 - 2021

We have enjoyed fundraising with our pupils this year, which have enabled them to have experiences in school, buying extra books for classes, plus contributing towards the Year 6 leavers hoodies. 

We understand that all contributions are voluntary and sometimes not all families can pay the full costs for one reason or another.  Please be aware that we never overcharge for events to cover non payment and that school picks up any shortfall that isn't paid, from school funds. 

We would like to thank you for your contributions this year and are very pleased to have a healthy £2090.27 balance to start off our fundraising for events/books etc for our pupils from September.

Please see this year's fundraising balance sheet below.


 FPS Fundraising   
From September 2020 to August  2021
 Balance C.fwd  £0.00 
Amount Paid
 Amount paid
22.10.2020Balance from disbanded PTFA
Cheq Paid in to HSBC at PO
22.10.2020Halloween dress up/Cake sale£404.50  
17.09.2020Books-Toby & Fire of London x16- Yr2  £84.83
10.09.2020Books- The Silver Sword x16 - Yr4  £92.32
15.09.2020Books-Skellig x16 - Yr 6  £63.84
24.11.2020Dictionary & Thesaurus' (class set) - Yr 4  £203.40
24.11.2020Separate Dictionary/Thesaurus (9each)  £84.51
17.12.2020Christmas Fundraiser£984.69  
07.02.2021Greta Thunberg Books - Yr 2  £35.94
01.02.2021Cool books x2  £10.70
05.03.2021Journey to the River Sea- Yr 5 x16  £35.84
05.03.2021Stormbreaker - Yr 6 x16  £47.84
12.12.2020The creature in the dark books x6  £14.34
12.12.2020A toolbox of wellbeing book - RR  £14.95
06.12.2020Read Write books blue/orange - Yr 2  £35.00
06.12.2020Read Write books yellow - Yr 2  £17.50
12.12.2020Books- Zanzibar x16 - Yr 3  £47.84
25.03.2021Andes Bell Tent
EYFS Interventions/reading
29.03.2021Socially Speaking SEN book - AG  £15.34
 Time to Talk SEN book- AG  £16.38
March 20212 x student laptops  £600.00
01.04.2021Easter Fundraiser£527.84  
29.04.2021digital resources for Skellig book-Yr 6  £35.00
25.04.2021Hooray for Mary Seacole x 7  £20.93
25.04.2021Fantastic Mr Fox x 6  £24.00
27.05.2021Yr 6 hoodies contribution to NGG  £200.00
10.06.2021Spring Nature photo competition
Contribution to Zorbing (Nature Comp)
 Spring Nature competion prizes  £9.90
14.06.2021Zorbing/Laser tag  £500.00
21.06.2021Braiswick photo commision
(towards zorbing)
13.07.2021Climbing Wall charge- £2050.00
Pupil charge -contribution climbing wall
19.07.2021There & Back Light Railway  £500.00
 Train ride ticket sales£206.00  
20.07.2021Summer Disco tickets
 (towards Basketball posts)
20.07.2021Tuck shop at Disco£442.97  
 Basketball posts   £640.00
Total £5,919.67 £3,829.40
Closing Balance £2,090.27