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Summer - Create Art

This term our topic is...


Challenging Ideas with Art


Does Art Show Real Life?

Can Art Change the World?


Representation - Perspectives - Discrimination - Diversity - Acceptance


We will be exploring the work of Monet in the first half term to learn about impressionism. Impressionists paint an impression of "real life", however we ask, if artists are painting what they see, is this real life? Is art a version of reality? Can art show what is really there?

In the second half term we will be learning about South Artists, including David Koloane. We will explore how art shaped views and fought prejudices and segregation during Apartheid in South Africa. We will ask whether art can change the views of the world at the time.

  • English:  our class novel, "The Fastest Boy in the World" by Elizabeth Laird, will help us to bring this topic alive in our English lessons. We will be writing biographies about artists, stories, debates and balanced arguments and information texts. The grammar we will learn this term includes the subjunctive tense, clauses and editing skills. 
  • Maths: we will be following the Maths Mastery approach to learn about fractions, decimals, percentages, angles and translation, properties of shapes and converting units.
  • PSHE: this term will be exploring relationships and bullying. 
  • Science:  we will be learning about humans and animals (puberty, growth, human timelines and reproduction) and habitats. 
  • Art:  we are exploring Monet and South African artists to help answer our concept questions. We will be using watercolours and charcoal to recreate the art from these artists.
  • D.T: we will be investigating bridges and how to construct bridges with a moving part using a pulley or lever. We will use ModRoc to create a valley scene for our bridges to be placed on. 
  • Computing:  we will be following a scheme of work to complete our coding learning. 
  • P.E:  this term we will be doing tennis and athletics. Our last swimming session before the Year 6 complete their distance awards is Monday 9th May.