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Happiness Jar


On Saturday, my daughter and I created this jar. We have called it our "happiness jar" - other people call them kindness wishes jars or gratitude jars. Inside this jar we have thought about who or what we are really grateful for right now. We have added them to the jar and whenever any of us are feeling a little low, we will pull out a piece of paper from here. Inside it are memories (like our VE day picnic, finding different bugs and birds on our daily walks etc), people who we care about and kind thoughts about each other. It is just a little idea to hopefully bring some happiness to your days.


Create yours and send us a photograph of it on Class Dojo. 


VE day picnic


For VE day on Friday 8th May, streets up and down the country are planning on having their own picnics and street parties. People are invited to pop their table and chairs on their front garden or driveways, play music and celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day. 

Let us know what you are planning to do. Design a menu for your picnic - perhaps you could have an Afternoon Tea with scones, jam and cream? You could try out some of the War Time recipes that I will upload on here for you to try out. Learn some of the songs via the link uploaded to Class Dojo -


Most importantly - imagine how it felt for children 75 years ago. After spending 6 years at war, living in contant fear, being separated from their families. What was it like for your Grandparents or your Great-Grandparents. Both of my Grandparents were 'evacuated' - find out what that means. 


How do you think it felt for the war to finally be over? 

Become a photographer


This week I would like you to take a photograph of something - anything! This could be something at home or something that you see if you go out for your daily exercise. Yesterday I took my dog for a walk and saw the most interesting butterfly. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of it. Ask your grown up if you can use the camera  on their phone or use your tablets/phones/other devices. Always ask permission first! Do not photograph people, especially people that you do not know. I would like your grown ups to share your photos with us on Class Dojo or via email so that we can see how creative you have been! 


Happy snapping!

Become a chef!


This week we would like you to help out in the kitchen to prepare a meal. Whether you follow a recipe online or whether an adult gives you instructions on what to do, we would like you to create a meal for your family. It doesn't matter whether this is breakfast, lunch or dinner. It could even be a snack like a fruit salad or some cheese and pineapple on sticks! 


The Three Bears Cookery Youtube page has some yummy recipes on there already if you're stuck for ideas on what to make.


Remember to take photographs and upload them / message them on Class Dojo for us to see and your photo might be shared on our website. Don't forget to share any recipes too!

Join the #RainbowTrail


People all over the world are brightening up their windows with pictures and paintings of rainbows. This is so that people who are out for their daily exercise, or people who are classed as our 'key workers' on their way to/from work, can see them. My children and I have made our rainbows and I would like you to create a rainbow for your home too. The rainbows are giving people a little smile and also some hope. Talk about the word 'hope'. What does it mean to you and your family? What does it mean to people around the world? 


Share your rainbows on Class Dojo and I will create a slideshow on our website for everybody to see. 

Diary Writing Challenge


Over the next few weeks I would like you all to keep a diary. Write down what you have done during the day but also write about what is happening in the news and how you feel about it. Write about how it feels to be self isolated and distanced from your friends. This is something that our generation has never experienced before and (hopefully) will never experience again. Your diaries could become important documents in our future. You can write your diaries on to paper or type them up (more like a blog). Share extracts from your diary with us on Class Dojo.