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ASH - Forest School

Leaves and Trees - we played leaf detectives and decorated our favourite trees

Worms - we found lots of worms around the site so learnt about how they live, what they eat and how good for the soil they are

Hedgehogs - We have been learning about what hedghogs eat, where they hibernate and we made our own mud hedgehogs


There is always plenty of opportunities for free play during our sessions. We also enjoy playing in mud and making potions


We have fed the birds by making our own net hangers for fat balls, we have used tarps to play games and keep warm. 

We sit around the fire circle and talk, tell stories and reflect about what we have done.


We spotted and looked at the mole hills, this then lead to us imagining that we were moles digging and keeping warm.

Looking and collecting

We have done lots of exploring, finding objects and collecting them as well as making observations about how the site changes - we have spotted birds and nests as well as new plants growing

Spiders and Webs

We made spiders webs out of sticks and we made spiders using clay, sticks, pipe cleaners and googly eyes