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Autumn - Discover History

This term our topics are...


The Ancient Egyptians and The Ancient Maya


This year we will be learning about two separate periods of history; one before half-term and one after.

First we will be looking at one of the very first civilisations on Earth - the Ancient Egyptians. From pyramids to sarcophaguses and canopic jars to Cleopatra, there is so much for us to discover. 

After half-term, we will switch to learning about the Ancient Maya. We will be exploring both their similarities and differences with Egypt. For example, both of these civilisations built pyramids but were they for the same reason?

  • English: In the first half-term we will be writing portal stories and linking these to our Egyptian topic. After half-term we will focus on writing newspaper reports. We will also be reading a new class novel, "The Secrets of a Sun King".
  • Maths:  we will predominantly be following White Rose Maths to learn about place value, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and fractions this term
  • PSHE: this term will be exploring emotions and well-being and discussing difference and diversity. We will also be looking at black history during the October.
  • Science:  we will be learning about properties of materials and living things and their habitats.
  • History:  we will learn all about the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Maya.
  • R.E:  we will be doing work around the key question "Why do some people think God exists?"
  • Computing:  we will be learning about systems and searching before doing some work on video production after half term.
  • P.E:  this term we will be learning about netball and dance. We will also be swimming each Wednesday.