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Autumn - Discover History

This term our topic is...


World War II

Can we win a war?


choice - conflict - duty - bravery - loyalty

This year we will be asking a question for each topic, can we win a war? We will be using this question to encourage detailed discussions throughout the topic. We will also be learning through key concept words, such as bravery, and consider the importance of these values within the topic and our own lives. 
  • English:  our class novel, "The Silver Sword", will help us to bring this topic alive in our English lessons. We will be writing letters, recounts, instruction and explanation texts as well as poetry.
  • Maths:  we will be following the Maths Mastery approach to learn about place value, addition and subtraction and statistics. 
  • PSHE: this term will be exploring emotions and well-being and discussing difference and diversity.
  • Science:  we are learning about Space.
  • History:  we will learn when and why World War II began and find out about the key individuals and countries involved. In addition to this, we will discover all about evacuation; learn what it was like to live with food rationing and explore the contribution made by women to the war effort. We will explore the Geography of Europe and follow the journeys that many people took to escape capture. 
  • R.E:  we will be creating remembrance day art and we will be learning about belief in R.E.
  • Computing:  we will be using our research skills to explore facts from the time period.
  • P.E:  this term we will be learning how to improve our balance, flexibility and strength in dance and gymnastics. We will also be swimming each Monday.