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This term we will be learning about the Romans and linking many different subject areas. In Geography we will be locating countries on maps and finding places that were part of the Roman Empire. We are going to use historical enquiry skills to create a solider uniform based on information from different sources. In Art we are going to be learning about mosaics and how these were created. The class will create their own Roman solider and shield using the skills learnt about mosaic art.


During English we will be reading the myth of Romulus and Remus and learning to write a recount based on a fictional character. We will then use non-fiction books to write an explanation text about becoming a Roman solider. The class will be focusing on reading comprehension this half term and using different texts to find information.


In Maths we will be learning written methods for division and multiplication. We will revisit column method for addition and subtraction during our unit of work on money. The children will be learning about pounds and pence and how to add and subtract using money. Can your child go shopping with you and work out how much money items cost altogether and also how much change they will get? Take some photographs and send them via Class Dojo to add to our working wall.