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This term our topic is:


The Stone Age


We started the topic by introducing our question pot and display table. The class have all been adding questions that they would like to find out about the Stone Age. We have had many questions and aim to answer one each week. The children have started by looking at timelines and we have learnt the meaning of AD and BC. We have also learnt 'Why it is called the Stone Age?'.


We will be moving on to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age as the term continues. 


Our key question for this term is 'Is there strength in numbers?' and this question will follow on in to the second half of the Autumn term. 


Our class text is called 'How to Skin a Bear' where we have met Bee and her tribe. Bee is the youngest in her tribe and she doesn't enjoy it one bit! She isn't allowed to go hunting and Bee thinks she gets all the boring jobs like plucking feathers. We have been answering questions based on the text and worked in groups to describe Bee. We are looking forward to finding out what happens next. 

This term our topic is....

During the 2nd half of the Autumn term we will be looking at the Roman era. We will be looking at how the Romans invaded parts of Europe and even Britain! We will be learning about why Hadrian's Wall was built and plotting it on to a map. We will be looking at towns and cities that it passed through. We will be reading a new book called 'The Leopard in the Golden Cage' which is all about a boy called Joe who travelled back in time to the Roman age! 

We will be looking at similarities and differences of how the Romans lived, what they ate, what they wore and even how they used a toilet!!!