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We are going to practice writing the instructions for making jelly.

Yesterday, you matched up the instructions to the different pictures, well done if you matched them all up correctly!

If you have got some glue at home, then we would like to you stick the first picture down on a sheet of paper and write the instruction underneath. Then do the same for the second picture, and so on until you have stuck all of the pictures down and written the instructions too.  

There are lots of words to write so if you get tired then you could always just write the time conjunction underneath the picture rather than the whole sentence, but always best to have a good go first!

As you matched them up correctly yesterday, we have put them in order for you to help with your writing. 


First, boil the kettle.

Then, break up the jelly into small pieces.

Next, add water to the jelly.

After, stir it well until the jelly has dissolved.

Finally, put the jelly in the fridge to cool.


Challenge - Can you write your own set of instructions? Maybe you could write about getting your breakfast in the morning, or what you do to get ready before you leave the house in the morning. We would love to see what you come up with!