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WB: 29/06/2020

Adventure Story Continued

Use Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to finish planning and writing your story.

Monday - Add and subtract fractions

Tuesday - Add fractions

The grammar is slightly different today. You have got an activity mat to have a go at. They look at a range of different elements of grammar to really get you thinking!

Then continue writing your story. Remember to read over what you have written yesterday before you start.

Wednesday - Add mixed numbers

To start with today, I would like you to have a go at improving and up levelling the sentences. Then you are going to edit and improve your adventure stories. You could then have ago at writing out your story (with your improvements) in your best handwriting or you could have a go at typing them up onto the computer.

Thursday - Subtract mixed numbers

Something a little different today!


You have got a grammar activity mat to have a go at first.


Then, have a go at the reading comprehension which is all about the rapper Stormzy!