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Tuesday 6th October

Can you go on a 2d shape hunt?

You all created some amazing 2d shape bears yesterday and you were able to name the shapes you used. Today you are going to go on a shape hunt around your home and find as many different shapes as you can. I have uploaded a video onto Tapestry explaining this task. You may wish to use the sheets attached to record your work. There is also a shape colouring sheet that you can access if you are unable to find any shapes to make your own picture.


Can you make a bed for Goldilocks?

Today you are going to make a bed suitable for Goldilocks. Think about the story from yesterday and the type of bed she liked, this will help you with your design. For this activity you are going to need a figurine that you can pretend is Goldilocks. Next you need to think about what materials you could use at home; a cardboard box, tubes, paper or even lego. Now you need to think about how big you need to make your bed based on the size of the figurine and the materials you have to use. You can now draw your design and then collect all of the resources you will need. Think about how you are going to make your model stick and whether you are going to decorate the bed. Now it is time to make your creation. Please take a picture of your design and your final creation and upload it to Tapestry. Your final job is to get Goldilocks to test the bed you have created. Does she fit? Was it strong enough? Does she think it is comfortable?