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Spring - Explore Geogprahy

This term our topic is...



Who owns the Sky?


Conflict - Value - Equality - Consequences - Sustainability


Below is our knowledge map for the topic. A knowledge map is a visual aid to show all of the key words and important information that the class will be learning this term.

  • English:  our class novel, "Journey to the River sea", will help us to bring this topic alive in our English lessons. We will be writing newspapers, adverts, reviews and play scripts. The grammar we will learn this term includes the present perfect tense, pronouns and clauses and verb types.
  • Maths:  we will be following the Maths Mastery approach to learn about multiplication and division.
  • PSHE: this term will be exploring responsibility. 
  • Science:  we will be learning about forces and the changing properties of materials.
  • Geography:  we will be using OS maps and atlases to understand the location of rivers and water bodies. We will be using keys on OS maps to understand water features on a map. We will also explore the dangers of water such as storms, droughts and flooding as well as the sustainability of water on our planet. We will learn about the water cycle and discuss the importance of water in our day to day lives. 
  • Music: This term we will be exploring rhythm and notes and use glockenspiels to play music.
  • Computing:  we will be using our research skills to explore facts about water and rainforests.
  • P.E:  this term we will be doing dance and swimming on Mondays.