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School Opening Times

Our normal opening times have slightly changed due to the current situation.

Please see below for information.

Drop off and Pick up

To avoid mixing groups it is necessary to stagger the start time and end time of the school day.

Teaching time will start at 9:00 am and end at 3:00 pm.

If children are not in school by registration at 9:00 am, their attendance will be recorded as late or absent in the event of non attendance.

Please let us know if your child will not be in school so that we know they are safe.

Twenty minutes have been allowed before and after these time for drop off and pick up.


Drop Off

8:40 - Year 6 Green playground gate.

8:40 - Year 3 Blue veranda door.

8:45 - Year 5 Green playground gate.

8:45 - Year 1 Welcome gate.

8:50 - Year 2 Blue Veranda door.

8:55 - Year 4 Green playground gate.

9:00 – Reception Welcome gate.

Pick Up  (All Pick Up's are from the Drop Off Areas)

3:00 – Reception

3:00 – Year 3

3:05 – Year 1

3:05 – Year 2

3:10 – Year 6

3:15 – Year 5

3:20 - Year 4


Please arrive at the time allocated to your child’s group. If you have more than one child to drop off, such as one in key stage 2 and another in reception, come at the earliest time slot for drop off and pick up.

Only one parent/carer should come onto school site.

From the pedestrian gate and the visitor carpark a one-way system will be in operation on the school site. Once on the playground follow the signs clockwise around the outer edge until you reach your child’s drop off point, following the social distancing markings while you are waiting to drop off.

Please help/encourage your child to use the hand sanitiser on the playground before they come into their learning space.

A familiar member of staff will be at the dropping off points to welcome your child back.

Due of the restrictions parents are not able to come into the school building.

Coming back to school will be very difficult for some of our children. If your child is distressed and you need a little more time to reassure them, step back towards the centre of the playground to allow the next parent to drop off.

There will be staff around to help you and provide lots of encouragement.


Once you have dropped off, continue around the one-way system and leave the site.

It is important that you do not gather with other parents and that children from different year groups, other than siblings, do not mix as they walk to and from school.

Please return to your car promptly and leave the carpark ready for the next group to arrive.

Please be mindful of pinch points when observing the distancing rule and be respectful of others coming the other way.

The pedestrian gate into the carpark and the bridge over the railway line are tight spaces to consider.

At the end of the day arrive within the time slot allocated and wait for your child at the collection points.

Queue on the 2m marking lines.

The teacher will release the children in the order which you are standing.

Staff will be around to greet you and give support.