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Monday 12th October

Activity: Show and Tell

Can you make an autumn picture?

Today you are going to focus your learning on autumn and the changes that happen during this time. You can access the PowerPoint here or on Tapestry to support you with this. Now you know all about autumn you are going to create a picture to show us what you have learnt.


Tomorrow during our Teams meeting you will share your picture and your learning about autumn. You might want to rehearse what you would like to say so you are ready to share.


Activity: Numbers

Can you play puddle jump numbers?

Today you are going to learn to read numbers and order them to 10 and maybe even 20! You will need some blue paper, or white paper that you can colour blue and these need to be cut into puddle shapes. This is a great way to also practise your cutting skills. Once you have some puddles you need to label them 1-10. You are now going to jump on the puddles and shout out the numbers. You can do this in any order or try jumping in order to 10. You can challenge yourself by going to 20.


A video will be uploaded onto Tapestry to introduce this activity.